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Egor Homakov

Security Consulting | @homakov |
Mar 3 '13

Commit that changed my life.

Originally it was a prank intended to prove insecureness of the default Rails configuration. It was a dirty “dick move”, the most scriptkidd-ish and silliest attack I ever did. There are many reasons to blame me and this action, but the story is out of date - year has passed.

Some apologies that should have been said a year ago: Sorry, Github, it was very kind of you to reinstante my account. Sorry, Rails Core Team, for my childish behavior and thanks for understanding, everyone.

Frankly, until 4 of March I did not know a lot about web security.

At least it was clearly far away from my main interest: programming. 

But then I instantly understood how exciting security can be. 

Pure art! When you find a major flaw in a popular website you understand nothing is perfect and everything is possible. You start to believe in yourself

It made me super curious about web security. In the following months I read a lot on random topics: OAuth, browser security, OWASP and ruby-related things. 

I did some contributions in 2012. I plan to work & study harder in 2013. My decision is to finally switch to security. Yes, it looks like I am not a programmer anymore. I am a security researcher.

Mostly web for now, but I do my first steps in other fields too.

I would like to share my experience doing consulting — you can hire me.

Changes in real life are nice: I left St Petersburg, Russia. I see no future for myself in my country and I am open to changing citizenship and seeing the World. Spent 2 months in Sofia, then my German working visa got rejected and I decided to start traveling around-the-world. 

Hong-Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, at the moment Mui Ne in Vietnam — now it’s 5th month in South Eastern Asia. Going back to Bangkok in 4 weeks. 

I plan to travel to UK/the US this summer badly, as a tourist (hope no visa issues will come up, it looks like i need an invitation to be sure).

I am going to craft groundbreaking security goodness and work harder to establish my own small business.

Yeah, even a single git commit can change the whole life quite dramatically. Cheers!

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